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Let House Pets Play When You’re Away

Keep Pets Happy and Safe

Pets are happiest and safest in the comfort of their own home where their regular routines are not interrupted while you are working or on vacation or business.

We offer vacation pet sitting, dog walking, or potty breaks. 

What Your Best Friends Need 

A midday dog walk or potty break might be what your best friend needs! This is helpful for elderly dogs or small dogs with little bladders. Taking dogs out for a walk provides dogs with some stimulation and can contribute to reducing behavioral problems.

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In-Home Pet Care Is Perfect for Cats! 

Your cat needs to explore beyond just setting out for food and water. He or she also needs companionship, exercise, and mental stimulation.

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Free Consultations

All consultations are free. Call or email us at Allpet Pet Services so that we may set up an appointment in Westford, Massachusetts. We'll shake paws and see if in-home pet sitting or dog walking is right for your best friend.

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